HD Video Recording
- HD real-time recording brings users clear images
while video recording and playback
- 1920*1080 Full HD video output service, giving
the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors

Multi-platform Remote Access
- Fully compatible with iPhone & iPad, and Internet
Explorer on Windows operating system
- AVTECH free CMS program on both Windows and
Powerful Storage Capacity
Support up to 3 hard disks for long-term recording
and saving large amount of recording data
RS485 Communication
Capable of external device connection to extend the
functionality and flexibility of your NVR

Multicast supported to enhance the transmission
efficiency among all NVRs and the CMS, helping
users located in different secondary control rooms
to quickly get what they want to see without video

Smart Recording
High video resolution switch for events to optimize
the recording efficiency of the hard disk
External Disk Array Support for More Video
eSATA interface built-in to connect a disk array (up
to 4-bay disk array with RAID 0 and 1) for more
video storage